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Zenkaikon 2008 in King of Prussia (near Philly) PA

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Zenkaikon 2008 will be on October 17-18, 2008 at the Valley Forge Scanticon Hotel & Conference Center in King of Prussia PA.

The con will kick off on the evening of Friday, October 17 with concerts,a Cosplay Ball, gaming and other special events. A full day of convention action will follow on Saturday, October 18 with video screenings, concerts, gaming, cosplay masquerade, the new Zenkaikon favorites – the anime version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and The Cosplay Dating Game, and so much more!

Find out even more info at the official website: :)

Hope to see some of you there! I helped out at the Zenkaikon table at Katsucon, and will be gophering (and hopefully running an MMORPG panel) at Zenkaikon!


  • hey who is this?

    Just curious, I'm the Head of Panels for Zenkaikon and was wondering who created a account to talk on the board when they could have just asked me to do it ^_^ and look less spammy ^_^
  • Hey this is Kristyn. ^_^ Didn't mean to look spammy, was just trying to let people know about the con since I didn't see any other threads about it >.> I saw GeekNights at Katsucon and thought they were cool, so wanted to join the board anyway.
  • Don't worry: that didn't even begin to set off my spam sense. ^_~
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