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Batman: Gotham Knight - First Look

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Was just directed to a video of a new first look at the upcoming Gotham Knight anthology animation project. I have to say, I'm impressed by what I see; definitely more excited about this than I was about The Animatrix. As far as underwear perverts go, Batman's always been one of the best, and it looks like the anime directors are going to capture the Batman universe in a very cool way. I'm definitely liking the fact that the look that most of the artwork goes for is on the more realistic end of the scale. Even the images that are the closest to the stereotypical "anime style" look like they come out of the Death Note anime (which is, of course, a bit more realistic-looking than your average Shounen Jump title), and the most hard-edged ones are almost gekiga-looking. Very fitting, I'd say.

I really can't wait to find out more about Satoshi Kon's segment in the project, as well. :D



  • Batman is THE superhero, and I can't put into words how pumped I am for this.

    Deadshot = Schwarzwald!
  • Oh man, Morgan Freeman's character is going to be in it! I am looking forward to this! I just hope they don't do what they did to Devil May Cry to Batman(give him a moe sidekick).
  • Batman is THE superhero
    Yes, yes yes.YES.
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    Hwat Damn.

    Looks like Madhouse is doing a lot of work on it, or at least one of their character designers. I actually am not a big fan of that really angular style, I'd rather see more realistic proportions. Looks like a nice mix, though. I can't wait!
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  • OMG, when is this coming out? I can't wait. BATMAN FTW!!!

    Aw man, I guess the Satoshi Kon thing was just a rumour. Oh well, that video promo was still good enough to garner my interest, even if Kon isn't involved.
  • It look like it will be ten times better than the live action movie coming out this summer.
  • It look like it will be ten times better than the live action movie coming out this summer.
    What? The Dark Knight looks absolutely amazing!
  • So this came out last Tuesday. I picked it up over the weekend and saw the first 3 shorts. I have to say this is quite awesome. I'll probably finish it tonight, but I recommend this to anyone and everyone to at least watch it.

    I was also looking at some of the features and apparently there is a Wonder Woman animated movie coming out. It looks pretty promising, however they are using the Noxema girl aka Keri Russell as the voice of Wonder Woman instead of voice actress they used in the Justice League animated series. However on a interesting note, Nathan Fillion as the main male part in the movie. ^_^
  • I've had a crush on Keri Russell since she was in the Mickey Mouse Club.
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    Deadshot = Schwarzwald!
    Woo! Schwarzwald is one of may favorite villains in Big O! And Roger is basically Bruce.
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  • I wouldn't doubt it if I'm the biggest Batman fan on this forum, or at least used to be. I was so incredibly pumped for Gotham Knight, but it ended up being disappointing. A lot of it looked really good, but I just didn't feel like the stories were there. The best segment was "Working Through Pain", which was pretty good, but the rest really didn't do much for me. The animation was beautiful, of course, but I wasn't too into most of the character designs. Aside from Pushing Through Pain (which, along with "Field Test", I suspect was the one Eryn compared to Death Note), I felt like the artists were trying too hard not to make it look "too anime" and alienate the western fans, and they went too far in the other direction. Most of it just ended up ugly.

    All of that said, there were a couple of genuinely "Batman-y" moments that gave me some chills, particularly in "In Darkness Dwells".
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