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Odoru daisosasen

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I have just finished the last episode of the series and I'm going to leave things for a while, however, by the looks of things Odroru Daisosasen (Series)may top Cowboy Bebop. Though O.D. is a drama and Bebop is an anime they both serve the purpose of being an amazing introduction to their respective genres.
If anyone else has seen this a while ago, could they tell me what they thought when they had finished watching it and what they think now, as one of Bebops main strengths is it's rewatchability and staying power.

Anyway, If there is anything you are currently watching that doesn't feel like you are getting sufficient enjoyment for your time, drop it and watch this instead. Be warned, episodes are usually over an hour long (11 of them) and very gripping.

[Posted in anime rather than everything else due to similar interests.]


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    I saw Odoru Daisosasen at my parents house, and although it is an enjoyable show I really don't think it compares to Bebop. It's a decent cop show comedy-drama, and the friendship story between Aoshima and Muroi is compelling, but I feel like there are other Dorama that are filmed and written better. (I enjoyed it a lot, though) I'm pretty sure it's not just nostalgia value coloring my opinion of Bebop, for on recent rewatching I realized that some of the scenes are just plain fantastic from a cinematic perpective. The artwork, the way the shots are set up, the timing of the action all show Bebop's filmic influences, whereas OD is okay but rather unexceptional in this regard. I also feel like the range and intensity of emotions that Bebop makes you feel throughout the series are more varied and complex than most other television shows. John Lasseter of Pixar gave a talk about making people cry, about imbuing you film with real emotional depth, and I can name a number of scenes in Bebop where the imagery, not even the dialogue, just an image mind you, can generate an enormous amount of empathy for the characters. I liked the dorama (I watch a lot of live action Japanese TV folks are hooked on Kdramas and Jdramas.) but as for saying it surpasses Bebop as a cinematic work may be hyperbole. It gets you hooked, though. That it does. Fun show.
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    I see what you mean. Probably should have left it a day before discussing it.
    Would you still say it is a good way to introduce people to jdrama?
    Also, other recommendations?
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  • I see what you mean. Probably should have left it a day before discussing it.
    Would you still say it is a good way to introduce people to jdrama?
    Also, other recommendations?
    Watch the Gokusen live action, especially the first season.
  • I think OD is a great starter show!
    I recommend:

    1.Kimi wa Pet - Maybe this is more a girl show than a guy show, but I LOVE the lead actress. It's about a career woman who ends up letting a homeless kid stay at her house. (I wrote a review of it on my blog a couple of years ago) A bit about KimiPet

    2.Gokusen - Also, as Scott mentioned, Gokusen's a fun one too. Yamaguchi Kimiko is a bespectacled math teacher who ends up teaching at the worst, most delinquent school in the area. At first you think Oh man, these punks will eat her alive, but get this: She is the heir to a mafia family, born and bred in the Yakuza. She'll whip those kids into shape dad-gummit!

    Also for shojo fans, Hana Yori Dango is fun. (As you can see, I'm a sucker for anything with Matsujun in it.) I hesitate to recommend it, though, because although the main character is awesome when she is punching stuck up handsome boys in the face, she gets wussified toward the end. Arienai tsu-no!

    3. My little chef - Cooking drama! Cute Japanese girl who is a culinary wizard. Adorable.
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