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how to pronounce linux

edited May 2006 in Everything Else
this was discussed on last night's episode, so here ya go:


  • Yeah, that's so freaking old I'm surprised Scrym hasn't seen it yet.
  • Its still kind of cool. He's got an accent^^
  • Anyone who thinks it's pronounced "lee-nux" rather than "li-nux" is a fucking moron. It's called an ACCENT, as in "say hello to my leetle friend". The word "little" is not pronounced that way, but it's okay because it's an accent (a silly one at that).
  • My, thats an accute accent.
    But in all seriousness, Accents are hard to type. You need either a cool keyboard, or to know all the keycodes. I don't even know how to enter those in Linux...
  • If you know Norwegian pronunciation rules, it's simply 'Linux'.

    Sorry. ;-)
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