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Dot Hack Sign

edited March 2008 in Anime
So, how many of you have seen this anime? I loved it, the whole way through, but the ending was quite possibly the worst ending to an anime ever. You get so involved in the characters, especially if you marathon it like I just did, and it leaves sooooo many loose ends.

Note: What are the spoiler tags? I can't seem to make them work.


  • Me and my group of (anime) friends are insanely into this show, games, and we've even tried out the TGC. They did a really good job marketing the show, the way linked them together. I actually took 'Usagimaru' from 'Nuke Usagimaru' in the original games. I wish I had the time to marathon it, since I haven't watched it all in a row yet.

    I loved the part when Sora was data drained, and turned into Skeith

    I just wish Cyber Connect 2 would be smart enough to try making a MMO based on the series, that doesn't suck and isn't on PS2
  • I'll be honest. I really, really didn't like this show. The first episode set up something amazing, and the music was fantastic. Episodes two through twelve were awfully uninteresting and uninspired. I stopped bothering at thirteen. I found nothing to like in this show...
  • It was alright. The first episode was amazing, and the rest of the series was OK. The only character that I really liked was Crim; Bear was OK too. All in all, it was a decent show.
  • So, those of us who were skeptic about the show(s) should just watch the first ep and read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia?
  • I think that the start of the show set up for there to be a potentially amazing show, and it never really lived up to that potential.
  • I liked the show, but preferred the Legend of the Twilight manga. I was really into the .hack series but I stopped caring after trying to play the first game (as it was really bad...)
  • I watched half of the first season. Early on it was great. The music is especially terrific. Around episodes 12-14 I realized that absolutely nothing had happened to advance the plot since the earliest of episodes. I stopped watching, and I will probably never give it another chance.
  • I like the concept behind .hack, but almost every part of it aside from possibly the novels have been atrociously bad. SIGN was one of the most boring anime I've had the misfortune of seeing.
  • Great Music, Really really really really slow plot.
  • I fell in love with this series probably just for the music, the scenery, and the characters. The plot of the anime, the games, and the manga, is not the greatest. I like to watch a series every now and then that is still pleasing, even though its broken and slow moving. I also have to say that I am a huge fan of Wendee Lee! Sometimes some of us like bad things, and this series is one of those for me.
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