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Adult Swim loves anime.

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Everyone check out Adult Swim's revamped Monday-Thursday schedule starting next week!

11PM - Family Guy (hour)
12AM - Robot Chicken
12:15AM - Metalocalypse
12:30AM - The Boondocks
1AM - Harvey Birdman (half hour)
1:30AM - Home Movies



  • I didn't realize Adult Swim showed Death Note. Huh.
  • People stopped watching anime on Adult Swim after GitS.
  • I guess people don't like to watch anime during the week... except Inuyasha really late, and Shin chan on Fridays.

    I watch Death Note on Adult Swim but that's really it. What they should probably start doing is showing a new anime on those week nights rather then just rerunning the same animes over and over.
  • Man, I need to catch up on Metalocalypse.
  • I work during adult swim, so can't watch it most nights. I no longer feel like I'm missing anything.
  • I stopped watching TV a lot. I really only turn it on for sci fi and anime on demand or that I own.
  • But don't you remember the anime industry is dying. At least thats what I have been told.
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    Oh WS have no faith in shit anymore, nevermind anime.

    And after the fantastic act of shooting the fans that the ADV CEO did a few days back, I wouln't have faith in such a product ether.
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  • Meh, Fridays and Saturdays still have anime, which is fine by me. Now that I have Tivo, I actually have access to the Sunday-Thursday night programming, but it's never been that good, anyways.

    Plus, they're adding Code Geass in a few months, which is cool.
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    Adult Swim doesn't serve any purpose to me anymore. I find its original programming to be almost all crap and that its choice in anime since GITS has been very lacking (other than Death Note of course, even if it did not appeal to the watchers of Adult Swim very much).
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  • I donno, I find it conforting to watch television I have already seen before bed as a tool for relaxation. Aqua teen, Venture brothers, or the occasional Cowboy Bebop episode is very calming.

    As for anime, the dubs make it easier to watch, for when I am tired, reading becomes work, so watching new stuff is annoying especially during a very complicated drama or new show.

    I donno, I miss being able to fall asleep to Futurama, that was like a lullaby to me last year.
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