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Maple Story

Anybody play it? Heard of it? Personally I think this is an awesome MMORPG. Its free and you can get it at The music is kind of catchy and I just wanted to know if anyone played it. I think Scott might like this game but I might be wrong. Well give me some feedback.


  • Ober, can you add in a "http://" in front of your link, it currently goes to
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    Oh crap. Sorry, I guess I should have checked it. Thank you for letting me know^^;
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    I went to the website, and this is what I saw.

    This is a game that is not going to get played. Even if the game was made of platinum I wouldn't play it. No Firefox respect, no patronage.
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  • Thats sad. Oh well. I think its a good game. To each his own.
  • They probably use Active X controls, or some other dumb shit that you need to have Internet Explorer to open up and let in the stupid.
  • I'm pretty sure they are making a DS version of this game...
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    OMFG!!1!11!1 I am against the DS but if they made Maple Story a game for the DS I would go out and buy that sucker in a heartbeat. Not even joking. If you just get past using IE to get Maple Story its a great game. Maple Story really is a good game. At first it might be boring but if you get a bunch of friends or start a group its awesome.
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  • It's side-scrolling Raganarok online... If I learned anything from playing Ragnarok for a few weeks it's that these games suck.
  • Oh that makes me sad. Again, I think its a good game and I'll just leave it at that.
  • well Scott can be a bastard. I enjoyed Ragnarok when it was free ^_^
  • I think people managed to hack the server software and set up "private" (i.e. pirated) servers, so it's technically still free.

    Not that it's worth playing. The game, moreso than most other MMO's, was just a chatroom with cute graphics.
  • Granted, the graphics were awesome, and the game was really cute and visually appealing. It's too bad there wasn't actually a game in there...
  • I guess it has to do with friends. If you have a group of friends then its fun or you just like to kill things. I just find it fun to kill stuff with my friends.
  • I have been playing this It's called Spacecowboy and it is a mmo flight simulator. SCO is great cause in order to be good you actually have to have SKILL, something many mmo's lack these days. It's totally free and it went live over the weekend. The game plays well and is patched very often. I haven't experienced lag at all and load times are short. Have a look at it, I think some of you might like it.
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    One of my friends plays Maple Story, and he sends along these words:

    "The community, like most free MMORPGs, is... middling. I've ran into quite a few genuinely nice people(including one that gave me some of his equipment after he decided he wasn't playing on his archer anymore), but then there are those that are fairly assholeish. Y'see, there's a little Fame thingamahbob on there, and it's only useful in activating maybe one or two quests or equipping certain really high level items, but most people treat it like it's some life-or-death e-penis measuring device. I've been defamed by random people for no reason at all, and typically if you do the same to someone else they'll try to get their friends to return the favor multiple-fold. So... yeah. I just kept to myself most of the time and was alright, I guess. =P"

    So uhh, draw from that what you will. To me, it sounds like a pretty game, but don't expect anything stellar from the other people you meet.
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  • That SpaceCowboy thing seems kinda cool. I should try it.
  • I say we all send scathing e-mails regarding their IE retardedness, using multiple accounts. If that fails to produce results, there's always the DDOS option.
  • Well that can be annoying and besides there's probably a reason that they have to use IE of course if you can prove that they are being poo-heads then we'll have to go complain to them about it.
  • There is no excuse. Forcing users to use IE just means the web developers are really really shitty.
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    Scathing emails? Reminds me of this:


    EDIT: You COULD use the IE Tab Firefox extension to view the site. I know it still uses IE to actually fetch the page, but at least you'd still technically be using Firefox.
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  • I don't believe you can use that tab unless you have IE installed (ie. windows). I know the old version couldn't.
  • I stab at thee!
  • Since I pride myself on not knocking something I have not tried, I played Maple Story while I was bored at work today. In about 5 minutes I was done. Everything I presumed about this game was absolutely correct. All you do is walk around tediously destroying enemies to make numbers go up. This isn't even as good as Ragnarok or Diablo. People, you are better off pretending this game does not exist.

    In defense of the game, it is very cute.
  • I am thankful that you did try it.
  • And I am thankful to you Scott for tell me just how craptastic this game is.
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    I used to play it, but like Fred's friend, I mostly just decided most other people were idiots and kept to myself. And after a few weeks it got boring, so I left. Not a horrible, horrible game, but nowhere near the best I've played.

    And yeah... The Internet Explorer thing sucks. I do have it on my computer (albeit buried far away from anything I actually use where it can't possibly intrude unless absolutely necessary) so I can just go to the page for five minutes to install, but it's the principle of the thing, dammit!
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