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Cheney under attack, and biting back.

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So much about this situation saddens and disgusts me and I am resisting the urge to just "double duce" Cheney, but there is an aspect of political culture that comes out here that I feel needs to be addressed. Reid was not dancing from the rooftops saying "Cheney's a pig*******************container*************bum*****licker****!" No, rather, with a mournful and somber tone he brings the public's attention (as if many of us weren't already aware) that Cheney's courses of action were not only missteps, but intentional and unethical manipulations that have caused the loss of numerous American lives and, more importantly, countless freedoms.

How is this unbecoming of a political leader, particularly in light of the vicious attacks and accusations that the various parties have been slinging at each other for decades? This seems to me a reasoned, warranted, and well stated allegation that there has been an abuse of power and willful deceit. (Just because this doesn't involve sexual relations with an intern, does that make it unbecoming?)

Moreover, why is the opposing party attacking based on character and not content? They go after the inappropriateness of the allegation rather than: 1) ignoring it because it is, in fact, merit-less in their eyes or 2) challenging the premises using factual evidence. If the allegations are indeed false, simply lay open your door and prove it, right?

This may all seem painfully obvious to the people on this forum, but I needed to vent and all my co-workers are staunch Republicans and Bush Administration supporters.



  • Ok, Kate and Emily BOTH need their own blogs.
  • I don't know how to set up a blog.

    Was my post inappropriate, I was under the assumption that you wanted to discuss news stories on the forum.... my mistake, sorry.

  • No, it's fine. I'm just commenting on the fact that you and emily and pete have started using our forums to post ranty off topic stuff, as if the forums were your personal blogs. You can do whatever you want in the general category, I just don't want new listeners who come looking for discussion about the podcast and such to see that the forum is just a mess of rants by a few people. You know, community building type crap.

    It's weird, I never thought about this kind of thing before when I didn't care if 0 people read the website. Now that I'm trying to actually get people I think about all kinds of crap. And I have to do a whole ton of extra crap too. It wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't recording a show four days a week :)

    So post whatever you want I don't care, just don't go super crazy. Also, if you really want a blog I can make one for you. You might like it.
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    I would love you to make me one, but I think it would be better for you to explain how it is done and walk me through it so I can learn it.

    Also, isn't the podcast just an audio blog? I thought that was what it was intended to be. I was hoping to get some of your insights into the topic, thus I posted it. If that is not what you intended, I am sorry.

    Additionally, ME go super crazy? That NEVER happens.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • A blog is easy. You just write stuff in a box and click post.
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