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Osamu Tezuka X Naoki Urasawa's PLUTO

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So, I am finally up to date on everything that have happened in this awesome manga. I now many people do not read manga that is not license here or "scantlantions". The thing is that according to wikipedia it looks like it will be kind of difficult for Pluto to be release in America because of a copyright dispute between Shogakukan and Tezuka Productions. If you like good manga then this is a must, if you like Tezuka this is a must and if you like Naoki Urasawa this is a must also.

Also, I am kind of confuse of how Pluto came about.


  • Oh man. I still haven't read this. I fucking love Urasawa and of course I love Tezuka. I still need to catch up on Monster, I have two unread volumes sitting here. And I also need to read more 20th Century Boys, or just wait until they finish releasing Monster to read it. And I still never finished Master Keaton. Holy crap, I wish I had more time on my hands...
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    Is out, who have read it or re-read it?
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  • As I said in the other thread, I just bought the first volume of Pluto and 20th Century Boys. They're both backordered from Rightstuf, though. It blows, but I have a shitload of unread manga on my hands that I need to read.
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    It blows, but I have a shitload of unread manga on my hands that I need to read.
    1) Why does it blow?
    2) Who says you need to read it?
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  • 1. It blows because it means I won't be receiving my manga for a few weeks due to high demand.
    2. Well, if I don't the pile will continue to grow, and my shelves are filling up fast!
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    Ah, I misunderstood. For some reason I thought the "it blows" belonged to the unread manga rather than the backorder. Everything makes a lot more sense now.
    However, your answer to 2) isn't really an answer at all.
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  • Is over I just need to say that some will not like the end, but I did. Also, he almost pulled a Monster on us.
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