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New Slayers!?

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All I got to say is "wow." I was really surprised to hear this news. It has been 11 years since they have made an animated Slayers so this is big news indeed. There isnt much to it at the moment besides a name (Slayers Revolution) and the fact that the main character may or may not be Xellos. There will be more information in the July edition of Dragon magazine, but I can't wait that long to talk about this.
For those of you that haven't seen Slayers, watch it. It was my first real anime and it means a lot to me. My favorite one liner is "That is a drag-on!" What do you guys remember about Slayers? Share your favorite one liners and parts of the series.


  • Never seen any of the Slayers animated stuff, but I must say, this was Rym's news for the last wednesday episode thus far.
  • this was Rym's news for the last wednesday episode thus far.
    Yeah, but I what other's think about slayers and their favorite scenes and quotes.
  • I just got my best friend the first series for his birthday.
  • When Lina hits the tree and says "Koala"

    Also when she can't use magic because it's "that time of the month" and Gourey is super confused and keeps asking annoying questions.

    When Gourey keeps thinking Lena is a little kid and offers her a lollypop in the very beginning.

    Zelgaddis. Anything with him.

    I love that show soooo much.
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