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Same-Day Legal Anime Streaming from GONZO

edited March 2008 in Anime
In the ongoing Crunchyroll saga, a bit of extremely interesting news has popped up. It was hinted at when Crunchyroll first entered talks with GONZO/GDH about making a deal, and now it's going to be real: GONZO works are going to be legally streamed online the same day that they air in Japan on YouTube, Crunchyroll, and BOST - with English subtitles. Yes kids, this move is specifically for the foreign market (according to ANN, "the company already has deals in place to stream its content through services within Japan").

And not only will there be the the free crap-quality streams that one would expect of those sites, but they also mentioned something about there being a "fee-based download of high-resolution movie files" available. So long as those pay-files don't come with a load of horrible DRM, I'd say this is one amazing news story for the anime industry. I hope the move goes well for GONZO; at the very least, this will get them a ton of great press.

Titles this currently applies to are The Tower of Druaga - The Aegis of Uruk, and Blassreiter.

Story from ANN:


  • From what it says its going to be add based and stream directly from the site so drm may be a factor here. I see drm on their side to prevent people from snatching it off the live stream but the second they want to install anything I'll pass.
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