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I asked Leeroy Jenkins to appear on my podcast.

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It's Rym's fault, really. I had never heard of the Leeroy Jenkins meme before Rym talked about his tree escapades at Animazement. I listened to the meme and liked it even if it is a fake. So this week on Friday Night Party Line, one of the topics is going to be about memes. I want to play the Jenkins war cry, but I am concerned about copyright (even though it's all over the web). So I emailed Leeroy to see 1) if I could use the war cry on the show's meme discussion and 2) if he would be a guest on the show.

We'll see what he says.

(We still have to get Rym on FNPL...)


  • Hey, as soon as I have a free Friday I'm down with that. Bear in mind that I've gone out of town or entertained guests every weekend for several months in a row now. Life is somewhat hectic at the moment ^_~
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