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Best Hulkster impression ever made?

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  • I was more a fan of The Undertaker personally.
  • Kind of scary. When I was a kid I liked the Ultimate Warrior (who is now insane) and the guy with the metal plate in his arm. Sometime around high school I realized pro-wrestling was just guys in their underwear grabbing each other combined with a crap soap opera. I have been anti-wrestling ever since. Hulk Hogan is still cool though.

    //I am a real American
  • I've never liked fake wrestling. Its crap.
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    HAW! I enjoy watching wrasslin'. Big dumb muscular guys throwing themselves at each other + sparkly costumes + overdone drama...

    Why men ever watch it is beyond me.
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  • It's a safe way to take in some good old fashioned homo-eroticism without the stigma of watching homo-erotic pornography?

  • Kinda like boxing ey? You know two men in their underwear fighting over a purse.
  • But boxing is cool. Like UFC.
  • UFC is not boxing...its more of a mixed martial arts competition. ; )
  • Well... its still cool.
  • And I totally agree.
  • Although I never liked wrestling, there is a certain charm about the Hulkster I can't resist. This dude in the video does the best impression and if you check out his other submitted videos, it was all so he could diss his friend "nick".
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