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This is why I hate preachy people...

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Chicago Tribune article

So, Rep. Monique Davis in Illinois started yelling at an atheist speaking before her committee. He was speaking about a $1 million grant to a church from the state government. She said his views were dangerous to children and the state of Illinois. I really, really hate these people. Her personal religious views have nothing to do with state business and attacking this guy was seriously inappropriate.


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    Shady dealings? In Chicago? Who would have guessed? :P It sounds like the governor was worried that the grant might get stuck in the courts if it was given to the church directly so he tried using the school as a carrier, which sort of blew up in his face. That said, deciding whether or not state funds should go towards the preservation or restoration of a community church building of historical significance seems like it would be a tricky decision, even without the shadiness. The Wikipedia article on Pilgrim Baptist Church is kinda interesting... 117-year-old-building, on the National Register of Historic Places, birthplace of gospel, hotbed of activity during the civil rights movement, also apparently originally a synagogue. :)

    Maybe a case of lost temper due to a long-standing grudge? Rob Sherman seems to do a lot of activism in his area (as well as running a politically critical talk radio show), and Ms. Davis has held her seat since 1987. I can see how they might have butted heads before.

    Also, unless she is maintaining her seat through some sort of shenanigans (not ruling it out), I'd assume that her views represent those of her constituency. While this doesn't make her remarks appropriate, it would make them at least a bit more than personal.

    What's really needed is a full audio transcript of the proceeding, not just the juicy bits.

    The media will have a field day, though. They love this kind of polarizing stuff.
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  • This was posted here before by Katsu in the Things of your day thread.
    However, a new thread is good because it will draw more attention and discussion.

    As I said there, it almost pisses me off more that people started *clapping* after Davis' tirade.
  • Well, I'm slightly angry. Less than when I first read about it in the ToTD thread. I don't want to listen to it.
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