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Old baby boomer drivers won't be a problem

The elderly nowadays are prolific voters, but the baby boomer generation isn't part of that demographic yet. On the whole baby boomers are so apathetic about voting that I think we could pass all sorts of legislation
limiting their driving privileges and they wouldn't show up to vote against it. They don't care-that's why the status quo nowadays is so shitty. They don't vote enough to change anything.

It's a moot point anyways. Once the baby boomers get to retirement age they'll have no need to commute to their jobs on a regular basis and they'll stay home all day smoking pot like they did in the sixties. Traffic will decrease exponentially. You would think that if they were such a large voting power they'd have legalized pot by now seeing how they love it so much.


  • Cars will drive themselves in a few years anyway. We'll be a nation of passengers (listening to podcasts).
  • There will one day be an apocalyptic day of old people crashing into each other, and then the problem of elderly drivers will be taken care of.
  • I predict instability in the farmer's market market.
  • Nah, dirty hippies will fill any dip in the farmer's market market with their search for the most natural of foul vegetation.
  • That's actually a tough call. Maybe the hippies will die because old people will hit them with their cars while they shop at the farmer's markets. Then hippies might resort to growing their own vegetables out of fear. The question is, if you start your own little farm, will old people crash into your house?
  • No self respecting hippie would ever start their own farm. They would start a commune, where everyone worked together to grow their *cough*herbs*cough* and vegetables.
  • Communes are even better. That way the old people can kill more hippies with fewer cars.
  • Yes, now my parents won't be able to drive and I can use their cars. How sweet is that?
  • Not if they make you cart them everywhere. The last thing I would want would be for my parent's infarmity to tie me to them.
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