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Anime Episode = Canadian B-Movie DVD Special Feature?

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So one of the perks of being employed by a brick-and-mortar film rental store is that I can rent up to five DVDs or games per week for free, pre-release DVDs included. Being free, this has led to me branching out in both my film tastes and my rental standards. Stemming from the latter, one of the DVDs I got recently was Loch Ness Terror, a film which thanks the nation of Canada at least three times in their credits for the tax loopholes they took advantage of during production (and almost in as many words). To give you a further idea of the film's quality, note the title, then note the fact that almost the entire plot takes place in and around Lake Superior*.

The film is about what you'd expect from no-budget horror, and the DVD special features are also largely predictable. You have cast and crew commentaries, because nowadays you can barely call it a DVD if it doesn't have these. You have a "making-of" featurette, for much the same reason. You have about a dozen trailers for other films, because no B-Movie experience is complete without a preview for something called "Zombie Strippers". And you have the first full episode of the English dub of Blood+ because

It was actually this revelation on the back cover that made me rent the damn thing in the first place. After enduring** both the film and the episode, I still don't get the link, other than that they're both (allegedly) "horror" and they both have a connection to Sony Pictures. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this kind of thing something we should fear in the future?

*And it's clearly Lake Superior in the film and not some other much smaller lake or possibly large river.

**Although "enduring" might be too strong a word. The film did have what I can only describe as a "cryptozoologist cowboy" with a Soviet microwave gun (?!), and I can definitely see it doing well with the archetypal "big group of geeks."
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