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Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History

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Last time on "Is there a god?"...

It was asserted that there are mounds of archaeological evidence for the biblical account. These claims were called into question.

And now, the conclusion...

Here is Iowa State University professor Hector Avalos giving a lecture on how there is little to no evidence for the bibical history and even claims that archaeological evidence disproves the bibical account. The lecture lasts about an hour. Enjoy.



  • I'm not going to watch an hour long lecture on something that is common sense.
  • I never believed that King Solomon ruled all the lands from Egypt to Iraq. However, until watching this video I did believe there was a King Solomon who built a temple in Jerusalem, and that there was a King David before him, and Sol before him. I figured that their kingdom was Jerusalem and surrounding areas. You go to Israel and there are remains of the temple there, they're kind of hard to miss. I guess at the time the temple itself was evidence enough.

    After watching this, though, I'm obviously wrong. There was no Solomon or David. So now I'm suddenly very interested in exactly who did build the temple and when.
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