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New York Comic Con '08

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Who's going?
What days?
What are you planning to check out?

I'm planning to be there Friday, maybe Saturday (less likely.)


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    I'm shooting for saturday, I can only go one day and that seems to be the thickest with programming. Is there any sort of meet-up being planned?
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  • Your best bet to see us is to attend the TMR event on Sunday, 3:00pm, at Kinokuniya.

    Otherwise, we'll mostly be acting as press. You can keep trying the Ninja Consultants' table, as we're likely to swing by there from time to time.
  • Is Emily going to be there? I wanted to ask her about 3D modeling/animation.
  • Great news! It seems that both Jonathan Coulton and Sid Meier will be at NYCC Saturday. Now I really have to go Saturday. I gotta find my old Colonization manual.
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    Stan Lee walked right past me with his entourage. We'd just arrived and got our tickets, and as we made it towards that monstrous line, some guys walked in front of us and were pushing people away. All of a sudden, there he was! My brain couldn't comprehend it at first. I quickly took out my camera, and now I have this blurry pic of the back of Stan Lee. I also have this dumb, little clip of him walking away. Though, yeah of course, it'd be great to have gotten the FRONT of him, my blurry pic will remind me of being only a few feet away from a real celebrity. Best moment ever!

    Oh, and what was the booth where they had the large figures of Wonder Woman and the cast from Harry Potter?
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  • I was there the entire weekend.
    What did you all think of it? I give it a 7 out of 10 rating.
    I liked the guests and the size of the dealer/exhibitors/artists room was excellent.
    Did you encounter any problems? Missed a panel that you wanted to go to, such as the Robot Chicken panel?
    Let Reed Exhibitions, the company producing NYCC and NYAF, know what worked and what did not work.
  • It was definitely better then I was expecting. Maybe 8 out of 10. I feel like I didn't do as much as I should have been doing, maybe I can do better next year.
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    I found the line corral to be a little ridiculous, this was on saturday morning. Other than some odd choices by the security in terms of crowd management (they made a few others), I was very happy with the con.
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  • Oh God! That line was the "monster line from HELL!" And it was very hot! Why didn't the Javitz center have AC in the front, too?

    I give it a 7.5 out of 10 - It was very difficult to move around (but being this was my first con, I suppose that's the norm). I had a tough time finding some things, and I wish the places that were going to be there had some websites to show what they had to offer me. A lot of stuff I missed only because I didn't know what they were about. In fact, a majority of the booths I didn't really care about at all. I didn't miss Tokyopop, but since I had a difficult time navigating, plus I didn't get to look into my bag and see the adds for some places (and I felt pissed since some of them seemed kinda cool). I bought 6 manga, though I didn't see any anime DVDs. Got some nice shots of cosplayers, and some of the other displays. I am hoping to go to the Anime Con in September, since a lot of this stuff was more comic-book related, though some manga/anime was thrown in - so I'm curious to see what an all-anime con is like.
  • I can't wait for the T.M.R. interview.
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