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Legend of Condor Hero

edited April 2008 in Anime
I was wondering what everyone else thought of this series?

So far I am through episode 10 and while the animation is kind of rough at times the story makes up for it completely. I ordered the series at anime discount dvd for about $80 and I am waiting for it to come so I can finish the series. Also I am going to see if I can get the novels in english around me at the bookstores.


  • I haven't seen this anime yet, but I have seen the original drama version of Legend of Condor Heroes in its native language. The original series was very good and very popular, spawning many spin offs from it. The anime would have to try very hard to be as good as the Chinese original live action version. I may check this out if I have some time.
  • I have to say the series is something the anime can't stand up to but it does stand on its own. Compared to the live action the anime is above average but don't live up to the series (at least the first 26 episodes I have seen so far). The hardest thing though for me was watching the anime in Cantonese since I was used to watching anime in japanese.
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