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MTA workers on strike

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Yeah. So, I know Scott uses the Metro North to get to's that working out for you?

Any thoughts on this situation?


  • I am unaffected. Actually, is better. There aren't so many cars to get in my way when I walk to work from the train station. And people who don't want to go to the city don't ride my train which makes it less crowded. The strike really only causes three things as far as average peoples are concerned.

    1) If you want to drive into the city below 96th street between 5am and 11am, you're screwed unless you have 3 people in the car with you.

    2) If you live way out in Queens or such and you use the subway or bus to get to work, you either need to find a car and some friends or you're going to have to stay home.

    3) Some people who usually take the subway or bus to work will be able to walk instead because they live close enough. This causes increased amounts of pedestrian activity. It's alright though, since there are fewer cars.
  • The strike really only causes three things as far as average peoples are concerned.

    I think you underestimate how reliant many people are on the subways for basic travel within the city: shopping, school, eating, etc... Manhattan is fairly small, and a determined individual can walk a good distance, but what about Queens and Brooklyn?

    This strike is a significant hardship for a lot of people. There is a huge amount of pressure and support for the city's taking heavy-handed measures to end it. Regardless of whether the strike is justified (I'm ambivalent), the union and workers certainly aren't winning any friends with this, and I don't think it will end well for them.
  • Hm. Scott's unaffected? I would've thought that NO MTA trains would run with the strike and all, but is it only transit within the city itself that's affected?

    Regardless, this will most definitely put the city on hold, and will significantly affect the livelihood of the city until it is resolved.

    I'm generally against the strike, because I generally dislike unions, and the demands that the union is making are somewhat silly and over the top. In the end, it's the workers that lose out, because it's illegal for them to strike, and the union and the workers themselves will all have fines levied against them. In particular, I believe the workers can be fined 2 days of pay for every 1 day that they don't work.

    But, maybe something this ballsy will actually work. We'll see.
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