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Concerts you plan on going to in the near future

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Are you guys planning on going to any concerts within the foreseeable future?

I'm going to go see Pelican, Circa Survive, and Thrice tonight ^_^


  • Lucky bastard.
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    I'm planning on seeing Iron Maiden on June 18 at Merriweather and "Weird Al" Yankovic on July 11 at Pier 6.
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  • Unfortunately, there aren't many concerts that interest me around here. I might attend a few summer festivals this season. A festival that interests me a lot is called Nova Rock mostly for Rage against the Machine, NoFX and Rise against.
  • I'm so stupid I missed Infected Mushroom last night. Nothing good is coming in these next months as far as I know.
  • Pelican,Circa Survive, andThricetonight ^_^
    Lucky bastard.Part of this thread was so I could brag ~_^
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    I'm considering Lollapolooza (if it isn't sold out yet) for Rage....other than that, nothing seems interesting. Cleveland's Warped tour lineup is all garbage...
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  • In a week or so I'll be seeing Verdi's Masked Ball and Strauss' Arabella over two consecutive nights.
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    I would have gone to Coachella, but the lineup sucks this year. Bummer I missed two years ago when Daft Punk played.

    Unfortunately, most concert venues around here are 18+. I have a feeling that once I go to college and I'm more or less free to go where ever I want I'll be driving to every concert possible.

    What should really exist is a website where you can type in all the bands you like and when they go on tour it emails you. I've missed Modest Mouse, of Montreal, and They Might Be Giants concerts I could have gone to just because I didn't know they were touring and once I found out there was a show it was too late.
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  • I would have gone to Coachella, but the lineup sucks this year.
    Wait, what? Aphex Twin, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, The Jicks, MIA, Portishead, My Morning Jacket, and Prince are a bad lineup?
  • Aphex Twin, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, The Jicks, MIA, Portishead, My Morning Jacket, and Prince
    The remaining bands are the ones I would see. I'd probably also see Jack Johnson, The Raconteurs, Cold War Kids, and Flogging Molly. But that is not worth $270 to me. If I'm going to go to pay that much, there better be a lot more bands than that that I'm interested in.

    But really, the lineup pales in comparison to last years that involved Arctic Monkeys, Circa Survive, Interpol, Of Montreal, Peaches, Sonic Youth, Tokyo Police Club, !!!, Arcade Fire, The Cribs, The Decemberists, Fountains of Wayne, The Fratellis, The Good, the Bad and the Queen, LCD Soundsystem, The New Pornographers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Against Me!, CSS, Klaxons, The Kooks, Mika, Willie Nelson, Rage Against the Machine, and Tapes 'n Tapes.

    A few bolded for emphasis of awesome.
  • Mindless Self Indulgence at Rams Head this Thursday! Fuck yeah!
  • So good. Soooo fucking goood....
  • I just saw Video Games Live tonight. It was pretty damn awesome. The full orchestra score combined with the videos was a pretty memorable experience.
  • So good. Soooo fucking goood....
  • Dropkick Murphys at the tivoli, not much other than that.
  • Dream Theater and Opeth, may 30.

    I also saw Rush.
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    Vidoes ^_^

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  • I didn't realize they were so superb live.
  • I didn't realize they were so superb live.
    They are one of those rare bands that actually sound as good if not better live than their recordings.
  • Thrice on May 30th ^_^
  • Sebastian Bachon May 22nd.
    I'm sorry.
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    I'm not. Its music I like, why not go see it?

    Besides, I can say to people "I'm going to see the guy from Gilmore Girls!" and they'll think I'm crazy. Though I don't watch TV, so they might wonder why I care...
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  • JAM Project Otakon
  • JAM Project Otakon
  • JAM Project Otakon
  • Thrice on May 30th ^_^
    Not going. The tickets were box-office only, as in you actually have to physically go to the place to buy them. I got the whole thing organized with people and transportation. Today we swing by and they're sold out. Oh well.
  • Ugh, probably some shitty local hardcore shows and Warped Tour over the summer. Sucks not having any friends with really similar tastes to you. In the fall, though, I'll be living it up in New York City (going to NYU for school). I got a copy of The Onion while I was there and had an indiegasm when I saw the "upcoming shows" part of the AV club section.
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