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Pledge to post or distribute Geeknights Flyers

edited June 2006 in Suggestions
How about each of us pledging to post or distriubte some Geeknights flyers this summer at an event we attend or a club we belong to?

I'll start: I'm going to WorldCon in Anaheim, CA this summer. I pledge to place a stack of flyers on the freebie table.


  • I'm going to be on RIT's campus all summer, so I can post them around here.
  • Yuko is putting together a nicely updated version of the flyer she so graciously made for us last weekend. We'll have a link to it somewhere on the site.
  • GeekNights has made it into my AIM profile and I've already showed it to two friends who loved it. GeekNights is teh awesome. I'll show it to more people on my robotics team.
  • If you get them up on the site within the next few weeks I'll post them around the GA Tech campus when I go up in July.
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