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Going to my first Anime Convention - Need Advice

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Okay, Rym and Scott's coverage of Anime Conventions has gotten me to give them a try. I'm going to my first one next month - Anime Expo in Anaheim, CA. Info is at

I'm a regular at Comi-Con and "Star Trek" conventions but I've never been to an Anime Con before. What does everyone recommend as far as my "must do's" and "don't miss" activities?



  • Must Do

  • Must do:
    axe. (the spray not the weapon.)
  • Have you listened to Rym and Scott's series on Conventions yet?
  • Bring if you want people to do really dumb shit for near-free:

  • What do you do at other conventions? I think you'll be doing the same.
  • There's barely any cons in Florida.
  • I love Pocky, but it's become the iconic food of anime cons and anime culture in the US. Aido's advice is dead on: you can make people your slaves for sticks of the stuff ^_~
  • Florida has plenty of cons. The Anime World Order guys go to all sorts of cons, and they live near Orlando.
  • No, I'm lying.
  • Rym and Scott's comments about fans at Cons featuring perverts in long underwear are dead on. Even though there is a crowd of people, the vast majority of them do not want to interact with other fans. From what I hear, it is much different at an Anime Con.

    Except for Gigantor (my favorite show when I was a kid), Speed Racer and Kimba, I haven't really checked out any Japanese animation. I rented Cowboy Be-Bop (sp?) and Spirited Away based on Rym and Scott's comments and enjoyed them. Are there any must see screenings I need to attend?

  • Must see screenings? I don' think so. Usually screenings at anime cons are for scary people who don't want to do the social activities. I only watch something at a con if it's a crazy rare show I'll never get to see somewhere else, or if it's a special showing like a 35mm premiere.

    As for necessary anime to watch

    All the Miyazaki movies
    Everything directed by Satoshi Kon
    Akira (read the manga also)
    The Patlabor movies

    I'll stop there and let other people fill in the rest of the must-see anime.
  • Must See:

    Lodoss War (the original)
    Berzerk (read this manga as well)
    Giant Robo
    Tenchi Muyo (the first ova)
    Vampire Hunter D
    Ghost in the Shell (1st movie)
    Transformers Season 1, 2 and the movie
  • Otakon just posted a newbie guide. Very good idea. Check it out.
  • RymRym
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    I'll refrain from listing the commonly-understood "good" shows: everyone will tell you to watch those. Intead, here is my succinct list of shows and movies that you might not catch otherwise. I highly recommend all of them.
    • Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (skip the other 5 or so movies, and don't be afraid of the dub)
    • Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
    • The Place Promised in our Early Days
    • Tenchi Muyo in Love (the first movie: NOT the rest of them or the show)
    • Ghost in the Shell (both movies)
    • Dominion Tank Police (again, don't fear the dub)
    • Shoujo Kakumei Utena (The show, NOT the movie)
    • Galaxy Express 999
    That's a fairly wide list of very good movies (and a show) from several genres.
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  • Thank you for the list, everybody. I'll throw them in my Netflix queue.

    Ignorant question: Is Gigantor considered anime? It is a black and white animated show from Japan about a boy with a giant robot. I'm not sure if that qualifies though. It was my favorite show when I was a kid - yes, I was a kid back in the days of black and white TV.
  • Yes, Gigantor is anime. Of course, in Japan it is called Tetsujin 28.
  • Colin, don't worry if you don't understand the end of Evangelion. It isn't meant to make sense.
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