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The ID Files

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Recently, I was ticking through, a place where you can get some free audio books as podcasts. Wanting something to listen to other than TWiT, and wanting to get some books done while I walk, I decided to pick a science book. Finally deciding on one, I picked up The ID Files and threw it into my podcatcher to listen to. This "podiobook", by Jason Rennie, is a collection of a few interviews from Mr. Rennie's podcast, the Sci Phi Podcast about science and philosophy (Clever pun, huh?).
I have to say, this book is garbage. The author readily admits that he supports ID in the first chapter, and presents a "fair" viewpoint, not as something reality-based by which both views can be judged, but as halfway between the two views. This is a bullshit, untenable, and honestly unfair way of looking at fair. This version of "fair" is balanced well in the favor of ID, and punishes the science-based viewpoint.
To his credit, his questions are fairly neutral, but there are no hard-hitting questions, just more of the same, and in his introduction, he slightly bashes the two anti-IDers, effectively calling them crazy paranoids, and calling the two pro-IDers elloquent and well-spoken.
I honestly recommend against listening to this book. It's just the same crazy, different bag.


  • One of the things that I find objectionable about those guys is their insistence that they are searching for the truth. What they're really doing is asking us to dis-invent the wheel. If they really wanted the truth, they'd go to the local university and sign up for a class.
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    It's not even that they're dis-inventing the wheel. It's that they're denying there is such a thing as a wheel while I go pedaling my bike around town.
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