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Geppi's Entertainment Museum

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This weekend I went to Geppi's Entertainment Museum. It's right across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center. I walk past it every day on the way to catch the train at Camden Yards.

The building has a big banner that says "Sports Legends Museum" directly under a banner that says "Geppi's Entertainment Museum" on the side of the building facing Camden Yards. On the other side, it only has a banner for "Sports Legends Museum" and some smaller signs for Geppi's. So, I was unsure for quite awhile whether the building had two museums or not. I often thought, even if they were two different museums, Geppi's might be another sports-themed museum.

This weekend, I decided to see for sure. It turns out they have yet another museum in the building devoted to Babe Ruth, but I simply don't care about the sports so much, so I didn't bother with that. It turns out that Geppi's has a lot of geek-oriented stuff. It has pop culture exhibits dating back from the 1890s. It also has a comics room with copies of Action # 1, Detective # 27, Batman # 1, Amazing Fantasy # 15, Fantastic Four # 1, and so on. Their collection has to be seen to be believed. One of the things that really floored me was an exhibit that included some paper airplane models and secret code wheels (like from the Dick Tracy Detective Club or the Little Orphan Annie Club) from the 1940s. I'm just amazed that things like that have survived.

If anyone has even a moment of time to spare from Otakon, they should go see Geppi's. I have a membership now, so I'll be able to get some guests in for free.


  • Stephen A. Geppi is the CEO of Diamond Comics distributors. One of the major reasons that the comics fandom and culture is so collector-oriented as opposed to reader oriented, is because Geppi himself is a collector. I've known about the museum, but I'm not really looking to give Geppi any extra cash. However, you have to give him credit. At least he puts his collection in a museum, unlike some other people who keep it in mom's basement.

    The Archie comic from Free Comic Book Day this year had a story where Archie became the night-watchman at the Geppi museum.
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    I've known about the museum, but I'm not really looking to give Geppi any extra cash.
    Well, if you have the time, I can take you (or anyone else who wants to go - within reason) in as a guest. Then you wouldn't be giving him any money, but you'd get to see all his stuff. I'm not kidding - it's just insanely awesome.
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  • I've been there too, and I have to agree with Hungry Joe, the museum is awesome. Along with the rooms described above, there are also rooms devoted to the 80's and a small area for the 90's that have all sorts of toys, games, video games, they even have some old video game cereals! The nostalgia was overwhelming.
  • Next time we are in Maryland to visit the in-laws or for Otakon, we will probably chekc it out.
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