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Vertical sale on Rightstuf

edited May 2008 in Anime
Right now, until the 21st, Rightstuf is having a sale for 33% off on all manga from vertical.
All I gotta say is "fuck", 'cause I just spent $40 on manga last month on the Del Ray sale. Looks like I'm gonna have to pony up for some Buddha and To Terra....oh well, good thing I just got my first paychecks from my job.

And I know you guys are kinda down on RS, but IMO it's great. I live in Ohio and when their stuff is in stock (which is always, unless I got the stuff from a sale, in which case they usually run out of stock), I get my shipments within 2-3 days. Plus, free shipping on orders over $50 is a good deal. Not as good as Amazon's $25, but still good.

Regardless, I'm probably gonna get the entire To Terra series and some of Buddha, at the very least.

edit: Hmmmm, looks like Amazon already has most stuff from Vertical marked down by around 30-35%. To Terra is only marked down 20% and Dororo is only marked down by 15%, so I might pick up those 2 on this sale.


  • Ya, I just checked it out. It seems Amazon is around the same for a bit of the stuff, but it might be worth getting Dororo volume 1 and pre-ordering the rest of it and Black Jack volumes 1 and 2.
  • Yeah, some other sites like RightStuf or DeepDiscount might have sales that beat Amazon from time to time. However, Amazon pretty much always has a sale on everything in stock that is very difficult to beat. Combine that with the convenience and trustworthiness of Amazon, and I end up going there most often.
  • Awesome :P , I can't wait to save some money on Black Jack.
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