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Right-wing christian groups

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Go look at this - oh i am so glad not be in the states with the nutters who came up with this game :S
Left Behind


  • Even though I'm not religious, I still read the the first 2 books in the left behind series. How in the hell do you make a game out of these books? I'd love to see a multiplayer in this game, the Christians verses Everyone Else.
  • The scariest part of the story is not that the game is being made by a bunch of fanatics who are the Christian equivalent of the Taliban, it's that I agree with something Jack Thompson has to say:
    "It's absurd. You can be the Christians blowing away the infidels, and if that doesn't hit your hot button, you can be the Antichrist blowing away the Christians."
  • If Christians would just calm down some of their hype about the apocolypse, they might gain a little more respect. Too many people are furious with them right now, and they seem to just ignore it. That's mostly cause they think the end is very soon, since 9/11 happened, and the tsunami, and all those other tragic events.
  • Ha ha!

    My mother in law just lent me the first of these books. She's not a nutter though she has no idea of what these books are about.

    I took the first book just to see how awful it is. "Know your enemy" and all that.

    I'll read it and tell her how stupid it is from an informed stand.
  • Without having read this yet....

    Isn't the idea that the "rapture" takes those that already believe... and those that are "left behind" have a sort of warranty time to convert or be fucked?

    Any game now-days worth its salt weight is one that you can play both sides of the conflict....

    Somehow I doubt this will happen here....
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