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R.I.P. Stan Winston

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Stan Winston, the robotic special effects wizard behind such smash hits like Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Aliens, and recently, Iron Man, has passed away.


I'm depressed now. He made some of the coolest-looking and most realistic special effects in the film industry before CGI took over and made everything look fake. And when he finally restored it after a long hiatus (thank you, Tony Stark), it's like having your last wish being granted before the plug is pulled.

Farewell, Stan, and thank you for your legacy.


  • He will be greatly missed.
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    I remember being so fascinated with his work when I was younger, especially with Jurassic Park. I would watch the behind-the-scenes stuff on the Jurassic Park DVD over and over again to see both the groundbreaking CGI stuff and the amazing mechanical creations by Stan Winston and his team.

    I really wish more movies would use puppetry/hydraulics/robotics/clever costuming for creature effects. There's still something amazing about seeing something cool on-screen you know is actually a physical thing, and while CGI is great, it's still got a bit of a ways to go before it can look and feel as real as the sort of stuff Stan and others like him accomplished.

    RIP Stan Winston. I'm glad he got one last great job before he went.
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  • Truly depressing news. Stan Winston was one of the effects greats, along with the likes of Ray Harryhausen, Rob Bottin and Tom Savini.
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