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Anime Giveaway

edited June 2006 in Anime
The LA Times had an advertising supplement for Anime Expo. They list a giveaway and download that I thought I'd post here. Quoting from the ad:

"No obligation giveaway..Just for registering, participants will be automatically entered to win one of ten copies of FUNimation's Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: The Conqueor of Shambala, 2 weeks before the DVD hits the stores."


"The Anime Expo 2006 Super Spectacular Girls of Anime Offer: Download the art-bathed Girls of Anime digital magazine filled with the best, bubbliest and brightest Anime girls ever assembled in one place at the regular price, and you'll receive the special AX edition at no extra charge."

To enter/register, and download the special AX edition of Girls of Anime go to

Remember, I didn't write the ad, just passing the info along.
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