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Slayers Revolution

edited July 2008 in Anime
Has anyone else been watching it? The two episodes I've seen have been good, but the new art bothers me.


  • I've seen a review, but I've yet to see it.
    I've read the manga, tho.
  • I'm disallowed from watching it due to the fact that I haven't finished all the Slayers out yet. My Slayers fanboyfriend got me way into it.
  • Considering how many years it has been since Slayers first came out and that they have a different art staff, this art is impressively similar. Amelia and Zel are dead on, although Lina and Gourry look slightly different in profile. I'm more concerned about the story which started a bit slower than I expected but then picked up fast.

    Also, it took me half an hour to download both episodes currently out, so now is the time to grab 'em.
  • I'm disallowed from watching it due to the fact that I haven't finished all the Slayers out yet.
    Same here. Seen nothing of Slayers as of yet, thus, while the new season is supposedly newcomer friendly, I'd like to begin from the beginning.

    As for the art, it's on purpose, the character designs are still the same and so on, as to create that same Slayers feeling or something.
  • I'm loving it. I approached the first episode with some trepidation, but when I finished it I realized that this was definitely still the Slayers I knew and loved.
  • I thought the first episode was trying too hard in a bunch of places, but the end sequence of the episode with the new character was pretty cool. Looking forward to watching the second episode today. Here's hoping that it (and indeed the rest of the series) will be better overall than the first episode, as I have been a big fan of Slayers since my early days of being an anime fan.
  • I missed the last season before this (or two, not sure,) but I'm loving the show so far. There is never enough Lina or Gourry.
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