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Comic Book Tattoo (The Tori Amos Comic Book)

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Comic Book Tattoo comes out tomorrow. I have to say that I am incredibly excited!


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    I saw the solicitation for this a couple months ago, and saw the list of great names working on it. Pia Guerra, Jonathan Hickman, C.B. Cebulski; that's just a drop in the bucket, but it's enough to sell the book right there. Then I read the rest of the solicitation and saw that it wasn't just an awesome anthology, it was an anthology related to some musician Tori Amos, who I had never heard of. I also saw that it was a large expensive coffee table hardcover book. Based on that I ended up not pre-ordering it. Despite that, I am confident that this book will contain some high quality stuff based solely on the level of talent involved.
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  • OMG I didn't even know about this. It looks awesome, Tori Amos is a great songwriter and everything else. Nothing like rape and miscarriage to make life interesting. She could slap her face on dog treats and I would buy it.
  • As a Tori Amos fan since my father lent me Under the Pink when I was 12 (and I have never returned it), I am super enthusiastic about this project. It is a coffee table book, but it is meant to be a visual feast to compliment the audio feast that is her music, so I do not mind it being large. You should listen to some of her music because it really is amazing (but if you need some geeky reasons - she worked with some of the members of Dream Theatre to develop her "piano as a guitar" approach, and she is good friends with Neil Gaiman - who wrote Stardust for her).
  • I'm pretty sure there is a paperback of this
  • It is a paperback, but it's massive. I was thinking about picking it up when I thought it was going to be a standard TP.
  • I love her cover of Raining blood, it's interesting.
  • was an anthology related to some musician Tori Amos, who I had never heard of.
    So much for the whole gay thing.
  • I love her cover of Raining blood, it's interesting.
    I am a huge Leonard Cohen fan, and the last time I saw her in concert she did her version of Famous Blue Raincoat (she covered it on Strange Little Girls) and hearing it live was an incredibly profound moment for me. I was moved to tears.
  • I finally got my copy! I love all the stories. I'm thinking it would really cool to listen to the songs, while I read the book.I just wish I had a coffee table to put it on.
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