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A different kind of geeky convention...

edited August 2008 in Conventions
There are about 6,000 people here at the European Juggling Convention. When most of them were watching shows, a friend and I decided to break a world record we set in 2003. We matched the record but didn't break it. Still, here is a short video of what we got up to:

Previously from the EJC: Where the hell is Pola?:


  • That's pretty cool.
  • The second video was great!
  • We got the new world record of 19 ball juggling between 2 people:

    PS. This is fucking hard.
  • PS. This is fucking hard.
    Wait... did anyone give any impression that the 18 balls didn't look hard enough? Dude, you are an amazing acrobat, what you call hard is impossible (at the moment) for anyone else on the forum. Other than just staring in awe I have nothing to say.
  • I rarely clap at something I've seen in Internet-video, but after seeing that 19 ball juggling my hands started clapping without I even realized it. That was really impressive.
  • I think the second video is adorable. Great song too. My favorite moments were the shower for being so out there, the giant halls, and stepping aside just slightly for the tram. it was very effective for most of the shots being the exact same distance from you, almost like a static montage.
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