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Has anyone read this comic? I was eyeing it at Borders recently and I love the art, but it really seems to be all fan service. The Internet says it's good, but I take everything the internet says with a grain of salt. Is this worth reading?


  • Oh. From the title, I thought it was a comic about Feminism and Women's Issues. I suppose not...
    it really seems to be all fan service
  • It is actually pretty funny - Worth a read, I'd say. Its a pisstake about Superhero comics, that was started Because the author was getting so many superhero style Damsel in distress commissions.

    The art is good, the writing is quite high quality - Pick up the first issue and see how you like It, I think.
  • I'm a huge fan of Adam Warren's art so I've checked this out. It's EXTREMELY fan-servicey, but it's actually pretty funny and clever -- it's not dumb humor at all. But yeah -- don't let your girlfriend and/or mom find it.
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