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TEH LOL!!!! bad parent

edited July 2006 in GeekNights
oh my god that was amazingly funny. the end made me laugh uncontrollably, he picks up a cellphone to call the cops... ohhhmygod.

"you put wax on bricks" lol fuck thats funny. bmx is what destroys bricks, not skateboards.

i have no idea about this so im turning to liberals... if you're skateboarding on a road on private property, such as a university, do the cops have the right to force you leave?


  • Yes... you have no right to be on private property if the owner wishes you to leave. The police can and will enforce this request. If you return you can be charged with a crime.
  • But the point if the video is that it doesn't seem like this guy was the owner of the property.
  • Yeah... I doubt he owned the high rise behind him.
  • That video got me pissed off at the guy and pissed off at the comments on youtube.
  • Yeah alot of the comments on youtube were not too nice to the kids.
  • I dont see anything wrong with non-destructing skateboarding, I use to skateboard when I was in high school. (take in mind I graduate high school at 15.)
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