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    One time, my two roommates were making mac&cheese;, when one of them decided to attempt to Hadoken a stick of butter into the pot of pasta and cheese. Unsurprisingly, it caused the pot to tip and slosh, splattering a jet of molten cheese a good four feet directly into the other one's eyes. Howling in fear and pain, he groped frantically for something to use to scrape the rapidly solidifying goop from his face. He grasped a stack of Magic cards, grabbing the top one, and began to rub his eyes with it in a frenzy. Once he could see out of one eye, he noticed that the card he had chosen was one of his favorite that he'd had for a crazy amount of years and was sentimentally attached to. Taken aback, he stumbled backwards a few yards, and not thinking clearly, opened the door to what we would find out later he thought was his room. Once outside, screaming, whimpering, crying a little bit, with a face covered in cheese, and naked except for a pair of tighty whities, he ran into the girls who lived across the hall from us, one of which he had been trying to date for several weeks.

    Two hours later, he was fired from his job. And thirty minutes after that, we found out someone had broken into his van and stolen everything of value out of it. And then his XBox360 got the red ring of death.

    Ever since that day, I've never considered myself unlucky.

    EDIT: I was standing slightly off to the side eating ramen.
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