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Blu Ray Copy Protection Hack Already Found

edited July 2006 in Everything Else
Geeks strike again, God bless them. They have already found a hack into the new Sony DVD Copy Protection system. Here is the info from Yahoo! News:

"There's a hole in the copyright protection for Blu-ray and HD DVD movies that you could drive a truck through. The funny thing is, it's an alarmingly easy and obvious hack: Print Screen. Sure, you'd have to hit Print Screen and save each one for days to capture the thousands of frames that make up one HD movie, but it's no big deal to automate this process and then stack the frames up, and there you have it—a near-perfect pixel-for-pixel copy of the Luddite movie studios' buried treasure."


  • Or use VNC. Or a digital out to a digital recorder. It's just the analog hole again, except higher quality.
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