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Superman: Red Son

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If, as Rym and Scott say, Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns are the number 1 and 2 underwear pervert comics, then this is the third.
Basically, the principal is "What would happen if Superman landed in Russia during Stalin's reign and eventually becomes ruler of the USSR.
The artwork's really well done, and honestly has that Soviet propaganda look to it for much of the run; what really sets it apart is the writing, however. Much like how DKR isn't really a superhero comic, neither is Red Son. Basically, it's more about the drama and effects a "Super Man" could have on the entire geopolitical world. Yeah, Superman's crazy powerful it this story, but much like how he's stupid powerful in DKR, it doesn't really matter. What DOES matter is his interactions with people, and with Luthor especially. Entirely worth picking up and reading.


  • It's not the third. I own it, and I've read it. The first issue is pretty good, as it actually does sort of explore the central question of "What if Superman landed in the CCCP?" After that, it just becomes a typical pointless cavalcade of DC heroes punching each other. Then there are a few good pages at the end.

    It's not the worst thing ever, and it's worth spending the time to read it. However, it is nowhere near the levels of Watchmen or DKR. Not even close.
  • What would be number three then, in your opinion?
  • I hate Superman with a bitter passion, so I probably won't read this.
  • I guess the real question Luthor a communist?
  • I guess the real question Luthor a communist?
    No, Luthor's American.
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