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Yahoo! question = What's your favorite all-time board game?

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Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Favorite games of Yahoo people

OH yes... This is some funny stuff to me. The question to Yahoo! members about what their favorite board game of all time is. The answers start off being funny and then turn into something painful as it just goes on.

It's most funny because the peeps over at BGG got hold of it and started posting good games. I can just see the look on these peoples' faces when they start to read some of these games.... "WTF?" does not begin to describe it.

ben_ethus said it best, "\/\/hy aR3 w3 g3TT1ng 5p4mm30r3d by th353 b04rd g4m3 g33k5?!???/??11!!111!!/!??!?? 15n't th4t 1ll3g4l?????? (BTW AFAIK IANAL, LOL)!!!"

Here are some choice quotes:

""The Game of Life" (Parker Brothers Games)
This game has always fascinated me. I love to buy my life insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, see how many children I'll have, etc.
It's really a great game."

"The Game of Life. As a kid, it was my favourite. All those events that could happen to you, good or bad, and you got to drive your car around the board. Through in money, a 3-D game board and a spinner instead of dice, you couldn't ask for more! Mouse trap was a close second, but The Game of Life was the best, in my books."

And then the best one... This is in response to someone saying "Puerto Rico"... from this related question ,

"I would have to say it's a tie between Monopoly and Risk. Their both fun cause the take a long time and you get something to do for a while if your board. I once played a 12hr game of monopoly!!! Can you believe that??!! The bank was all outta money so you couldn't collect anything. Sadly in the end I lost thou. Risk is fun cause it's as thou your the highest commanding army officer. You get to command where all the troops go and you don't have to put your own *** on the line!! That's always good.
Who likes shoots and lattes? That's the most retarded game ever put on the market!!!
And what the hell amittai Puerto Rico isn't a game!!! But your a dumb *** for sure!!!"

Some others from this question:

"Monopoly! I just like it couse its strategy..."

"monopoly is the definition of a board game!!!!!!!!!!"

Holy crap there's another one..

Anyway... Thought some other board game geeks might find that amusing.

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  • I think Life is the most awful excuse for a board game there could ever be.

    No strategy. Just your typical, mundane "I fuck out babies and want moneys" life condensed onto one piece of cardboard. AWESOME.
  • Tigris and euphrates?
  • Titan. I have not seen ANY other player conflict game that's competitive at high levels even at 3-4 sides.
  • It's funny, I have conversations with my non-geek coworkers about games. Even people not into the deeper games agree that games like Monopoly, Life and Sorry! are bad. It's what I grew up on, but then I was shown a better world with better games. Most people like the games we refer to as Ameritrash because they are cheap, easy to play (usually), and they are found on store shelves like Walmart and Target. There are some Euro games there too, like Catan and Ticket to Ride, but they tend to be cost-prohibitive for a lot of people. Also, most game companies can't compete with Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley and Hasbro for shelf space, which is too bad, because I can list several fun, easy games that cost less than $35 that a large majority of people will never see.
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