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Mikomicon 2008!

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Mikomicon 2008 at California State University Northridge!

Hey guys, I just wanted to post this so that any west coast FRC forum members in SoCal will know about Mikomicon! We've got a great list of events as well as fantastic lineup of guests, including Johnny Young Bosch (Vash, from Trigun), Robert Axelrod (Big O, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin III), Kyle Hebert (Naruto, Gurren Lagann, DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Devil May Cry 4, Street Fighter 4), and Erika Weinstein (Ergo Proxy, Rozen Maiden)!

I'll be hosting both of the Watermelon eating contests, as well as the Pirates Vs. Ninja Rock climbing event.

The con takes place from September 19th through the 21st and registration is $35 pre-reg, $40 at the door.

Okay, advert aside, I am totally stoked about this con. Not only is it at CSUN, my school, but one of my favorite voice actors is gonna be there! To top it off, its my first con and I'm staff! W000t! I even made a little promo since I'm the admin of the facebook group.

Anyone in Southern California thinking about coming, or was this completely under the radar?


  • Oh god, that promo is awesome. But yeah, after careful thought I have realized that the chances of me going to Mikomicon '08 are smaller than Otakon '08. :(
  • Glad you liked it! XD My favorite part was "Be there or be a crazy fangirl with Otaku funk, but not both."
  • This con flew completely under the radar for me, but I might try to go. There's a good chance I'll be applying to go to school there and I could make it into one of them "college tours" as well.
  • Yeah you should come! It's a great school and I'll show you around!
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    Deal. I'll definitely make an effort to get up there.
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  • Cool, anyone else in southern California thinking about coming?
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    Tomorrow. 12PM. CSU Northridge. University Student Union.

    WooOO! Anyway, Sail, You gonna be there?
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  • Unfortunately not, my parents had something planned for me tomorrow, Saturday I've got boat fixing duties and Sunday I don't have a ride. But when I do go ip there for a tour I'll hit you up.
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    AHHH, I'm so excited! Since I'm not doing a lot as staff at the con, I'm gonna try to do some journalism-ing for Anime Exodus.
    A List of things to do:
    • Talk with Johnny Yong Bosch for a bit and ask him to sign the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers belt I bought at the dollar store today.
    • Participate in the Anime Auditions Event.
    • Take some cosplayers pictures.
    • Attend the Masquerade.
    Anything else you guys think I should do?
    EDIT: Anybody got some last minute cosplay ideas? I'm a 5' 7" tall average build guy with dark brown (nearing black) short length hair. I've got a black suit so maybe Wolfwood?
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  • Jonny is a cool guy. That I can say for sure.

    And yes you can be Wolfwood but you need the cross. Cardboard and paint will suffice on short notice.
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    Okay Mikomicon (obviously) over, And I got a lot done.

    Interview with Johnny Young Bosch.
    Interview with Toni Rodriguez (aka, ToRod)
    Interview with Chris Shinichi Ohta (production manager from Bang Zoom! Entertainment)
    Interview with David Wong, who is also at NY Anime Festival this weekend.
    about 100 awesome Cosplayer pictures.

    I scheduled a interview with the band Makanai, but they never showed up or even called. How unprofessional.

    Also I acquired some serious shwag, among which is a black and white poster of the two cat girls from Dominion Tank Police and tickets to a screening of the Live Action Movie: Death Note 2 - The Last Name! WooT!
    I won the death note tickets at Kyle Heberts Voice acting panel. I had to read some lines from a character sheet about some guy from Naruto. Ochimaru, I think? Anyway, he looked bad ass and his description said he was evil, so I used my most evil voice. FUCKING WIN!
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