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Show Ideas and Reminders



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    An episode on music in general.
    (Not that you have actually said anything about that.)
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    Where's that episode on the airline industry?
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    Why Monopoly is a terrible game. Also, the diamond industry.
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  • The diamond industry.
  • advance wars stratagy
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    Hockey fight week.
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  • Game theory. You've never said that you would do an episode on this, but you've talked about it plenty of times without ever going into real details on the show. I'm very interested in what you have to say about it.
  • Dealing with the fucking police.
  • Punctuation rules and other grammar.

    You said you might do an episode on this topic. English is not my native language, and I am a bit uncertain about the proper use of punctuation in some instances. I haven't had an English teacher to ask for many years. Also, I'm horrified by how bad many Americans write, and I urge you to educate your listeners (although the users of this forum have far above average writing skills).

    Consider this a popular demand, as I am both popular and demanding! ;-)

    BTW, I love Mr. Period!
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  • how about an eppisode on the broken patent system?
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    The bamboo and the vision.
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    How Not To Suck At: Running a Panel

    PS-This thread really should be stickied. Searching is teh suxorz. Thanks.
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  • Monday show on solid state recorders and interviewing on the road.
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    Lovecraftian Awesomeness
    Party Games (eg: Apples to Apples)

    This is what happens when I listen to an episode on my computer instead of on my iPod.
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  • You MUST do a show about surviving Zombie attacks.
  • Reminder: finish the webcomic panel; I'm really looking forward to hearing how a good webcomic panel sounds.
  • Finish the webcomic panel, post some of the outtakes. I'm really looking forward to hearing Conrad drunk.
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    Wireless technology! You promised me an ep on Bluetooth goddammit! >.<

    Edit: I'd also love to hear your opinions of the infamous Ann Coulter.
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  • An episode on MythTV would be cool.
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    Did I miss something at the end of last week's Thursday episode? Are there supposed to be no eps this week?
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  • It was a holiday. Emily was back in town. We were tired and lazy. It was the perfect cop-out ;^)
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    In episode 20060220, you talked about doing an episode on IT Security.
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  • Ya know, you still haven't put up the anime podcaster's round-table with the assassination attempt yet..
  • An episode on IT and network security would be great. I'd like to hear about security from the programming side of things.
  • Not a reminder but I've noticed lately several podcasts starting with little skits, which are ridiculously lame.
  • H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulu Mythos. I told a friend I wouldn't read Lovecraft until you did a show on him.
  • You should do one widely based upon Shoujo (and Shonen, if you wanted.)
  • What happened to the Geekback segment? No emails or did you guys decide to drop it?
  • We get more email than we even have time to respond to. Most of it, while interesting, isn't exactly of a broad enough appeal to warrant putting it in the show. We'll have Geekbacks now and again when something really warrants it.
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