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Favorite PA of All Time.

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Gotdam today's Penny Arcade was but funny. And that supreme funnyness (funniness? funliness?) got me thinking: What Penny Arcade do you think was the best evar?

Edit: Changed link so that it'll work until Friday. Hopefully I'll remember to change it back.


  • It's hard to decide when their site works so horribly.

    Many (most?) links in the archive, including the "back" and "next" links on individual comics, do not work. Either they take you to the same comic or to a page that says "you are being redirected". This includes the link you posted.

    Does anyone else notice this? I get this on every computer I use, multiple OSes, multiple browsers.

    It seems odd to me that such a popular site would be so poorly coded. Am I the only one seeing this?
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    I'm seeing it, and I think I can hazard a guess why: They want you to visit the front page first, the redirects seem like a gate-keeper scheme.

    Or he gave us a bad link.
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  • I knew that link was going to be kind of broken when I built it but I didn't want to use the /comic link because then it would always point to the most recent.
    As far as the navigation I don't find it too awful. When I first started reading it years ago I just went back to the first one and hit the next button until I came all the way forward. Other than that I use either google or their own search to find a specific comic I'm looking for.
  • There's always the classic , the subject of which will hopefully NOT have to show up in this thread.

    However, by far my favorite is
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