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Today I was down and lonely. (for no apparent reason.) And i pick out my black especial (A custom guitar I inherited from my dad.) and started playing pink Floyd's "I wish you where here" and after the third go I was jolly and couldn't stop smiling. Has this ever happened to anyone of you in any sort of way?


  • Music is, without question, excellent at provoking emotions. I can't help but be happy when I hear Yellow Submarine, can't help but cry when I hear "Hello Goodbye", can't help but be silly when I hear "Where do they make balloons?". Humans tend to communicate emotions through tones, and as such, tones can quite easily manipulate moods in the same way that being with a happy friend can get you up when you're down or being with someone who's in mourning can make you sad too.
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    But why? I mean, there are hundreds of sounds that you hear daily and they don't do shit.
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  • That's because those random sounds are not structured so as to evoke an emotional response. A lot of music is specifically structured so as to provoke some sort of emotional response from its listeners; that's sort of the point. Granted, music is also entertaining, but I generally consider evocativeness to be a hallmark of "good" music.

    I'm generally a fan of the more cathartic forms of music: metal and the like. It's a very effective release, and a good way to keep a level head for the rest of they. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being in a moshpit, screaming Slayer lyrics at the top of your lungs.
  • Yep I'm into heavy stuff too like soul fly and sepultura, they give such amounts of sheer energy.
  • Have either of you heard of Protest the Hero? Mmmm, they are great after a horrible day at work haha.
  • Yeah, on the freeway metal helps you get angry enough to scream "get the fuck out!"
  • I like anthrax also.
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