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This Weekend - SPX (Small Press Expo)

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Tomorrow is the Small Press Expo! It's an indie comic con right here! I'm very excited because I love indie comics and it's my first non anime convention. I'm not sure what to expect though. I know Bryan Lee O'Malley is going to be there and my quest is to get a sketch from him. That and buy some comics of course. Is anyone else going as well? It's near the White Flint metro so anyone in the DC area can go.

I hear this is somewhat like MOCCA. Hooray!


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    If I were in the area, I'd love to go.

    A bunch of the guys from the SEQAlab podcast are going to be there, you should check them out. Check out the podcast, too -- it's a really great comics podcast "by the graduate students and faculty of the sequential art department of the Savannah College of Art and Design".

    Surprisingly, there aren't any cool (indie-ish?) comic conventions near me -- just San Diego and Wizard World LA.
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  • I'm jealous of you, Viga. There are two comic conventions in my town, but they are only the classic "I'm trying to find issue 27 of Spiderman Blah Blah" type.
    Though last year one did have the Mouseguard artist. Of course I had yet to read it, so I missed out big time.
  • From what I've heard SPX and MoCCA Arts Festival are almost the same thing. Maybe I'll go to SPX one day, but I'm in no rush. Seems like a waste to see the same thing twice.
  • Well, I enjoyed this con and I'm definitely coming back for seconds next year. It's one of those one day things you can do. I got some cool comics and weird stuff like Diarrhea Diaries. I showed that to all my friends but I'm the only one who likes it.

    I finished my quest to get a sketch form Bryan Lee O'Malley!
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