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"German" games VS anything else

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So I guess this one is especially to both Rym and Scott.

You mention, quite often, your affinity for "German games". I am just wondering if you are saying this meaning "German style rules set" games or more specifically games made by Germans and published initially in Germany?

As I think you know there are a large number of game designers outside of Germany that have taken the basic German game rule aesthetic and applied it to their own games. Not a small number of these have, in fact, been United States designers and publishers, not to mention the great games coming from non-German European designers and Canada as well (oh and some good ones out of Korea and Japan too).

I'm just wondering if you might be saying "German games" to mean something like "designer games" (as is the current vogue in terminology) or if you are really meaning the very thing that you say IE, "We like German games".

If it is the former then good for you. You might want to say something to that effect when you talk about games so the people not in the know will understand that it's not an inaccessible thing (i think "german games" may turn people off as seeming too "foreign" and weird and thusly may be unwilling to jump into the rewarding deep end of the pool).

If it is the latter then I would implore you to not be blinded by the wealth of "German style rules" games out there that are at least as rewarding if not more than specifically German games. This is both for your own enjoyment and the potential enjoyment of your listeners.


  • We do not, of course, only mean games from the country of Germany or created by people of German descent. We do mean strategy "designer" board games with rules in the German style. We just call them German games because that is what we are used to calling them.
  • Cool. I figured as much.

    I just thought I'd mention it for the benefit of your listeners who might not understand the subtleties. I guess this still doesn't help that... Subtleties in a given subculture are only truly understood by immersing yourself in it. At least to a certain degree.
  • Well, the other factor is that, most of the games we own and enjoy are indeed German by publication in addition to being German in style. Our favourite games are almost all made by Germans, and to a lesser extent the French.

    So, yes, we prefer German German-style games ;^)
  • They also mean games that keep invading all the other games.
  • I like germen games.
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