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Episode 32 - Lupin III, Galaxy Express 999 and Samurai Champloo

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Feel free to discuss any of the shows we talked about in this episode.

But also, the first time I watch 999 I was blown away. I was young, it was late at night, and I had seen very little anime at that point in time. But watching the movie and everything unfold gave me a very strong feeling. Now, watching it again years later it was a good movie, but the feeling wasn't as I remember. Obviously it is me that has changed and not the movie. But am I can't beleive I'm alone in this.


  • No you aren't, I think it happens to all of us, we go back to a childhood pleasure and find out that it feels differntly, that it doesn't read like we remember it reading. The movie's scenes don't play out exactly like you remember it. I know I've experinced this with a good deal of "popular" media. Things I once found entertaining I now can't stand.

    For those of you still here reading, what's your best example of something that changed you when you were younger that changed now that you're older?

    Rym, sorry I've not been paying attention to the audio quality, other then that it is good. I listen to it as I go around my day, so little differnces don't really register.
  • It's nearly sacreligious for me, as a geek, to say this, but watching The Transformers in retrospect, I honestly have no idea how I loved it so much as a kid. "I'm going to reverse the polarity on my windshield to repel all rain and hail molecules," quoth Optimus Prime.

    God. Could I have had such poor taste?

    Granted, the movie still makes me tear up when SPOILER HAPPENS, but I think that's largely due to fond memories. And this is also not to say that I don't still think the show was awesome for what it was...but nowadays, it simply doesn't hold up to the standards to which I hold all other things.

    There is a tendency for geeks to extol the virtues of the old-school incarnations of their geekeries, but quite honestly, I suspect much of that results from those rose-colored glasses through which we all view our younger years, when things were simpler and we were somewhat easier to please. While I appreciate the challenge of old-school games, for example, there are plenty of those games that have more advanced incarnations, and when taking off those rosy glasses, one realizes that we've actually come far since those days of yore.

    Or, to sum up: for the love of fuck, don't go back and watch He-Man again.
  • We all had poor tastes as a kid. It's one of those things, our tastes are very simple, we like simple sweet and strong flavors in our food, and can't see the plot holes and the horrible dialouge when we're that young.

    Which might be some of the reason some people shake thier head at anime, some of the stuff people get hooked on really requires the heavy rose glasses. They might move on, but still have that "old-school" love that's so common. Hell, everybody has it in a certain way or another.
  • I really love Galaxy Express 999. I think everyone should watch the first movie at least once if they're someone who's really into anime. I really get the feeling of adventure and wonder from Galaxy Express 999.

    That said, I'm also a really big fan of most things Leiji Matsumoto has done. I totally enjoy the worlds he has created.
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