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The Problem with Webcomics

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After a lot of thought on the subject of webcomics I've decided to write something of a comprehensive analysis about webcomics. Namely problems and issues I've started to see in webcomics over the years, and also things people should consider when making one. I've posted the first part over on my blog, (its mostly general stuff at the moment on the main two types of webcomics, and quantity vs. quality.) I intend to delve deeper into future topics.

In any case I wanted to post a link here in hopes of getting comments and feedback from the people here.


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    I don't know about anyone else, but quantity vs. quality isn't exactly what I think of when I think of problems with most webcomics. That's much more a concern for the writer in holding an audience rather than the reader. When I read the description I was thinking more along the lines of this or this. What kinds of things are you thinking about for future topics?
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  • Well with this one its sort of speaking to the webcomic noob, the one who wants to, or is just started a comic. I'm not saying its a problem most of them have, its just something I felt should be covered, and it seemed like at the start where I'm laying the ground work for later writing would be a good place.

    The big things I have in mind for covering are writing (otherwise known as "why the never ending act 2 is not your friend,") marketing a webcomic aka how to find your audience, and also a thing on why some good comics fail and why some bad ones succeed.
  • That sounds good.
  • Posted Part 2 of my now running series of posts, The Problem with Webcomics, entitled The Problem with Webcomic, Part 2 or Why the Never Ending Act 2 is Not Your Friend.
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