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The most geeky television sci-fi show

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I was surprised that you guys did not mention the most geek acclaimed sci-fi television show in Monday night's discussion. It's "Doctor Who," of course!

As a general rule, I hate all things British. The food, Monty Python, you name it. For whatever reason, I absolutely love the new Doctor Who series. They just completed season two this month. I'm not sure why I like it, since I don't like any hour-long sci-fi shows. Perhaps it is because I watched the low-budget show as a youngster when it aired on PBS. Whatever the reason, it's a show that no true geek misses!

And to show just how good it is... even the wife has become hooked! I put those odds at about a million to one!


  • I agree that did a fine job of updating "Dr. Who." I remember those PBS pledge drives well. :)

    I hope the new replacements for the Dr. and his sidekick do well but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Colin, have you seen the second season yet, or just what's been shown on the Sci-Fi Network?

    The new doctor seems to perform his job admirably. His new companion had a red-shirt role in the last part of the second season, and we'll have to see how well she works out.
  • The New Doctor rocks the house, if you're up to David Tennant that is. The other guy was sucky.
  • I'll miss Rose. Billie Piper did a great job. The new Doctor, David Tennant, is actually quite good. Hopefully the new sidekick will do just as good a job.

    We get the CBC (Canada) on our cable system. I watched season 1 on that network. There was only a delay of about two days compared to the BBC. For some crazy reason, CBC isn't airing season 2 until the fall. So it was off to bittorrent for me!
  • Man I need to get a better internet connection so I can get bittorrenting, I didn't know Billie Piper was leaving, I waiting every week for the ABC like a sucker. I developed a crush on David Tennant in Casanova, did you get that mini series in Canada? It was good.
  • Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the Sci-Fi Channel version. I understand they edit out approx. 10 minutes to make room for commercials. That makes it even worse.
  • I don't actually watch they show. I have friends trying to indoctrinate me. I was given the latest episode shown (I THINK it was. Don't harm me if I'm wrong) in Australia-land tonight on a recorded DVD. My quick jumping through to ensure all was working leads me to believe it was a Christmas ep. I have only previously seen the 'last-dalek' episode. The Doctor amused me in that.
    I think they said season 2 is showing, but I honestly didn't care and wasn't paying a shred of attention.

    I also usually dislike British shows. I Like Monty Python (as the exception), but can't stand Black-adder (as an example of generic dislike).
  • How can anyone not like Monty Python?
  • Rampant a lot of people don't get it. This is because they are dumb.
  • The funny thing is that I love the Michael Palin's travel shows. But a song about SPAM... not for me.
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