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So my friend and NYU crew member Brendan Bellomo made a movie, which I am going to see tonight. I helped (a little - mainly I just hung around and hammered some stuff) and now, two years later, it is finished!



  • Will I be able to watch this? The stills look fancy.
  • How awesome/notawesome was it?
  • The stills do look really nice, I'd like to get to see it.

    Bzone has done it again!

    The coolest thing was that some of my costume ideas made it into the film!
  • Will I be able to watch this?
    2nded. Is there a place that regular people can watch this movie?
  • I'll keep you posted. It isn't on the internet, because I assume it is going to do the festival circuit and stuff, but you might get to see it someday.
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