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Starting new podcast

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So I've been doing a podcast lately called GeeKER, which has been mildly successful, but I've run into a problem. I've lost my co-host Matt. He's moved away to Texas, so now I'm stuck doing the podcast on my own. Sadly enough, it's hard to talk to yourself for an hour several times a week.

Lately, I've been looking around for a teen tech podcast, but all of them seem to suck with the same monotone sounding dorks, and it gets annoying just listening to them. It doesn't seem like there's any actual good teen podcast that focuses on technology. So my idea is to make one.

For the actual podcast, I'll use skype, maybe skypecast if it gets a large enough crew going. That would basically allow anyone interested to join the podcast while it's being recorded. I'd set a specific time when the podcast was being done and then people would jump in. As long as a person has a microphone, they'll be able to add to the conversation.

I'm hoping that this will not be like every other podcast. It shouldn't end after five episodes. It shouldn't be filled with people trying desperately to be funny. Would it should be is people being serious but also humorous at times about the topics being disucussed.

Anyone interested in joining can post here or email me .
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