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Night Train (2009)

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Have any of you seen this movie?

Here's a short plot outline:
IMDBTwo Passengers and the conductor discover that a person has passed away on their Night Train cabin. They come across valuable diamonds on his person, that they wish to keep for themselves. So, to make it look like the man never boarded the train, they conspire to dump his body in a river that the train passes. Their scheme to get rid of the corpse escalates to the point where they have to chop up his body just to fit him into a small trunk. They then become paranoid, as they might turn on each other.
I very much enjoyed the film, though I thought the idea behind it all was a lot more interesting than the film itself.

Here the horrible trailer:


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    Night Train? Wait, what was that Fast Karate for the Gentleman train movie again

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  • Danny Glover is looking too old for this shit, as usual. I may have to check this film out.
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